Comfortable Column Hot Pink Scoop Neck Long Bridesmaid GownComfortable Column Hot Pink Scoop Neck Long Bridesmaid GownComfortable Column Hot Pink Scoop Neck Long Bridesmaid GownComfortable Column Hot Pink Scoop Neck Long Bridesmaid GownEvery girl have the chance to wear a wedding dress custom, after the girls put on marriage gauze, can put another one is the most beautiful. But the dress there are many places need to be aware of, so how to wear the most beautiful wedding dress? Height is not necessarily a good thing, the figure is good also will meet the unpleasant place, here small make up for you is the most beautiful wedding dresses are summarized how to wear?


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Girls have long hair do bride: we always think that a bride should be long hair. Some people is not suitable for long hair, short hair the bride also do not have a flavor. But short hair the bride must do a few times before modelling experiments, so it is easy to find suitable for your style.


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Pin shawl especially no taste: shawls is especially suitable for east women, it will be the Oriental woman feminine beauty, especially can be fully displayed. But the shawl often surprises, not used to the shawl girl, there is always something such as exposure for the first time, so some girls will use pin to fix the shawl, actually this is a kind of practice is very ugly. The best way is to need not too care about shawl slipped problem, sometimes the whereabouts of nature, will not have a charm. If not used to use at ordinary times the bride of the shawl, before this can practice.


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And the dress matching with small adorn article also is particularly important thing like underwear, necklaces, bracelets, its cost is also very striking. Selection and dress collocation of the accessories, should from the usual time to accumulate, that is going to clean out the goods, only in this way, look out you are unique, otherwise the same bride how boring! Your small adorn article do not represent good, fit is the most important, as their own the other half, is suitable for yourself to zhong its life.


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Married with children, how to choose the bride wedding dress: married with children, has no big deal, the bride has some particularity, and is concerned, for his belly and frustrating. In fact this is unnecessary, as early as you want for wedding dress company, but you don't that day in order to cover up the belly, and in that tight dress.


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This is very wrong, because it was bad for the baby, at the same time, it is not good for your body. Take baby bride the taste of beauty is different, will be tailored for you the right wedding dress company waist wedding dress, and modify the size for you, and will measure what married a week ago you body, help you solve the problem in advance.
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