Each bridesmaid according to your own body shape in different bridesmaid formal dresses, has become a hot trend nowadays, everyone in the best state in the wedding, please remember: at the wedding, everything is possible, don't be tied down.


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In the Bohemian, wedding bridesmaids are wearing grey color dress, style each different, even wear flat shoes, this means that the wedding bridesmaid can get rid of the crisis of grinding the feet. The formal dresses for bridesmaid are full of the breath of restoring ancient ways, the length of the flash chips and unified and to look very harmonious, so, formal dresses is not only to achieve unification of color or design.


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Spring wedding, dressed in marca downy color, dragon dress, full of vigor and vitality, the tender. Each formal dressed in fresh and tender pink, with gesture to show the best of the princess. When all the people running forward side by side, and that is our youth tolerable.


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Want to achieve the harmonious unification, also can choose two kinds of elements. As the diagram, mainly pink and mint green color, length, short skirt of dress and merging. On the basis of different color dress, delicate as a dress sweater knitting lace, romantic elegant and decent.


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Actually at the wedding, can need not deliberately avoid bright color, on the contrary, bright colors can active atmosphere more. White symbolizes purity of love and beauty, many people will be white as the dress. And white can also be used as a basis, in its high rise or reduce tonal as a formal dress for bridesmaid, will be very harmonious.


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Want to achieve unity of color, not only can choose different color fastens with color, can choose different color is similar in color. Make the formal dresses on design are exactly the same, only on the color change is the first choice for many people.

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