The bride dress collocation is the bride taste and style is an important part of. With good bride dress can add a lot of the charm of color to the bride. The bride dress collocation skills is of great significance.

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Summer evening dress collocation effect is to make the bride looks soft, give a person the sense with relaxed and implicative, suitable for cool color department with the blues.

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1, color: white, milky white skin, brown with blue skin, wheat color skin.

2: hair and soft black, colored, soft brown or dark brown.

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3, eyes: soft eyes, whole feels soft, eyes are umber, dark brown.

Tie-in tips: the evening dress of the season, the color should be in blue at the bottom, select the color of quietly elegant soft. Take care to avoid tonal contrast is too large, the collocation is best done in the same color shade, effect is better. Suitable for color: grey purple, white, pink, purple, blue water, lime green, jade blue, rosy, etc.

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