One of the most beautiful and moving way the bride, but the wedding formal dresses selection collocation also is a key ring. Contracted and fashionable wedding formal dresses, bridesmaids meimei with you get married.


The most beautiful and moving way the bride in the wedding, but were clustered near the bridesmaids make composition more exciting. In fact, you can choose different styles of the formal dress and bridal mix build, important is the maid of honor to insist on a color scheme. Irregular Mini skirts, tight sequined skirt, even chiffon skirts pants, as long as it can replace stodgy formal dresses! The key is to choose the style, convenient not burdensome for dancing is enough! After all no one regulation wedding party must dragged a long formal dress.

How should the formal dress won’t take the bride, but gorgeous? It’s time to swap out a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood printed dresses, brief and beautiful large print dress, choose v-neck collar or a word to show beautiful collarbone is the key. Grace and, of course, the fresh flower design liberally, styles and coordinated the bride’s clothing line!

Who said this two-piece suit only the best man can wear? Bridesmaid and best man at this time have to keep it simple and uniform, white shirts and black trousers, don’t small bow tie or wear a tie, and has a Boyfriend. The whole wedding activities freely and individual character is dye-in-the-wood.


Blue And White Formal Dresses Australia 2016 By @Dressforau

Whatever your bridesmaid wear what style of shirt, there is only one purpose – is to make gauze skirt increase somewhat fashion aura, is suitable for the bridesmaids nifty sweet. And the bride is the veil of chic style photograph echo!

Change the dress and skirt seems to be simple, if put the bright colors of the clothes together, your maid of honor will stand in the crowd, dressed in black and dark blue must be the most eye-catching, isn’t it a cool color scheme?

If your wedding is rural theme, don’t worry! In order to make your wedding more relevant to the country this one theme, dressed in a beautiful wedding dress, at the same time can also be in cowboy boots. And bridesmaids through broken flower skirt with shoulder-straps and boots discard the traditional high-waisted dresses and high heels, rural theme wedding leisurely atmosphere also arises spontaneously.

If you are not a people firmly believe that only the bride to wear white, that you a bridesmaid can choose white bud silk, similar to the bride. Thinking about the bride said, “I do” on the beach, you know it’s going to be a such as dreamy romantic wedding, more than that, the visual effect of clothing is quite beautiful.

These long to ankle maxi dress and white bud silk blouse, as long as prove that it is a bridesmaid outfit, even the most simple style will make your wedding dreaming!


Light Blue And Silver Long Formal Dresses Without Sleeves

If you still hesitate to choose a different style, sequined dress with condole belt unlined upper garment is a good choice, standing on both sides of the bride, will neither take the bride glorious, also can foil own beauty. Like this stylish combination?

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