Bridesmaid too important principle is to pick gowns upstage the bride, with the bride's dress phase contrast and consistent with the theme of the wedding. But, the maid of honor can't wear what color? The most suitable bridesmaid wear what color of dress? Let below small make up together and see it.

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Chinese people do like cultured is thriving, in traditional Chinese wedding, only belongs to the couple's color is red. The bride to wear the dress is red commonly, if the formal dress in red, is suspected of upstage the bride, this is very bad, can be said to be taboo. But a bridesmaid can choose one and not a bride is tonal, somewhat shallow red dress, so you can avoid the grab limelight suspected.



That red is the traditional weddings above belongs only to the color of the bride, the white is the color of the western-style wedding bride belongs to the technical secondary school. In the modern western-style wedding, the bride is usually a wedding dress, and wedding dresses are generally choose white color. If the maid of honor to choose white dress, also unavoidably again a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. At this point, the bridesmaid can choose close to white but some relatively quietly elegant color, such as champagne, light yellow, light blue and so on. The most important thing is to agree with the style of the wedding will be.


Black dress gives a person a kind of depressive feeling, therefore in China's wedding is problems people didn't. Because black is now commonly in the funeral, if appear black dress in the wedding, that's a big bad. So the bridesmaids dresses on the choice of color, black is a big no-no, but be sure to remember. In addition, black fishnet stockings unfavorable also appeared at the wedding, appear very frivolous.

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Gray appears very inside collect, very low-key, but definitely not pessimistic disappointment, grey but a potentially explosive power more than black color. Gray formal dresses usually gives a person sedate and easy feeling, although the colour is a bit conservative, but as long as on the design of the dress a little to spend some of idea, fashion sense will instantly improve the dress. If the bridesmaids choose grey dress, will be a right choice very much.


The hero in the wedding dress usually choose a bit and a series of bright red color, so the formal dress can only choose the color of quietly elegant. Wedding is the witness of love, is also the chance encounter of the peach blossom, as a second wedding, choice of pink dress is better. The simple but elegant and sexy, pink gives a person sedate, gentle feeling.



Blue dress and bridesmaids most often choose a color, blue represents calm, also can highlight women unique temperament, blue is a very universal collocation of color. If the dress is the design of the silk, would seem to be very elegant, very beautiful. In such a dress up appear in the wedding, want to let a person will be removed from your body also is very difficult, of course the most important principle is not upstage the bride.


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If is to choose in early spring season wedding, green dress will be the bridesmaids. But want to remind you is the color of green is not an easy match, instead it is a very critical color, it is generally difficult to manage. Thus to should be cautious in choosing, can also be bold attempt, is likely to bring you an unexpected surprise.



Purple represents the noble and elegant, is also a full of mysterious color. In various conditions permitting, bridesmaids can choose purple dress, do an elegant and mysterious maid of honor, and to experience some purple unique charm.

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