The maid of honor should wear what color? The selection of bridesmaid dresses fashion elegant and not make public, give priority to with decent. So the color is how to select people worry. Let's to know about the bridesmaid dresses color taboo.

bridesmaid dresses
One, the bridesmaid dresses should wear what color

(1), champagne, silver

Champagne is very suitable for Oriental female skin color and temperament; Noble silver is able to reflect the elegant style of the wedding, the hotel wedding, church wedding with champagne, silver dress is the best match. With the advent of individual character, theme wedding wedding, gray, purple, pinkish purple fashion color favored by more and more women.

(2) yellow

Bright eye-catching yellow is also the bridesmaids usually choose dress, but is also a relatively more dangerous color, accidentally will rob to the bride's thunder. The yellow is a good choice of quietly elegant, tie-in chiffon or sandy material, let the maid of honor exudes a clever elegant beauty.


(3) the blue

Hot summer, a lot of the groom will choose the beach or outdoor wedding, at this time the bridesmaids choose light blue dress, such as pure water, beautiful but not make public, and the groom's white yarn is also quite match, give a person a kind of harmonious beauty, the purest beauty.

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(4) light blue

Light blue is the color of quietly elegant, combining with the white wedding dress, can let the bride looks more elegant and quiet, blue bridesmaid dresses very suitable for spring and summer wedding.


(5) pink

Every girl has a pink princess dream in the heart, romantic and sweet pink is perfect for unmarried women, but must pay attention to the point, don't choose too bright bright pink, must be a bit of quietly elegant, give a person with such low-key aesthetic feeling, also won't let a person feel too obtrusive.

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(6) green

Green spring is the best endorsement, the pure and fresh, elegant tone is very suitable for the dress. And light light green on the use of scope more extensive, also very suitable for large area applications. Green, easy to have the feeling of light weight, so the groomsman bridesmaid dresses also can choose the design of degrees higher, showing skin wide condole belt, a strapless, or a turtle neck backless can let green dress doing its best effect, the elegant and sexy.


(7) the gray

Selection of bridesmaid dresses important point is to choose the color of the dress. Wedding as a visual enjoy a place, the maid of honor to pay attention to the color of the dress with their own skin. Gray bridesmaid dresses sedate and easy, although the colour is slightly conservative, but concise and beautiful ruffle makes fashion sense a bonus. As a bridesmaid dresses and even run is quite safe on the dress will be the right choice.


(8) wine red

Have feminine taste wine red is a color, not only the temperament of the maid of honor, also with solemn atmosphere of the wedding atmosphere. Bridesmaid dress wine red dress, can bring your wedding more romantic breath.


(9) alvin color

Alvin is a joker color of color, suitable for almost all color of skin of the girl. This color low-key, never upstaged the bride.


(10) purple

Purple gives a person the sense with mystery and the purple bridesmaid dresses in elegant with tenderness, and do not break romantic, the wedding can be a very good foil, create a more romantic breath.


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