A mother, wedding dress collocation principle

(a) serious + to reconcile

Gradually orientalize today, in her wedding ceremony's mother dress, choose difficult than dad. At present, the wedding gown is given priority to with wedding dress and cheongsam, as a result, new mother dress if not to care, thought can give prize clothes, consequence is counterproductive. In fact, the mother dress eventually strategy is: to reconcile + seriously.

Satin Brown Tone Mother Dress

(b) try to cooperate with the bride

If the bride choose western-style wedding dress, moms also want to choose western-style dress as far as possible. Too elegant clothes, and as a result, can let the mothers is not serious, don't choose as far as possible. Assume that choose cheongsam, the mother is the best choose Chinese style clothing, thus in order to effect and the bride bring out the best in each other. Mother's clothing color, to serious color such as black, purple and dark white is given priority to, with a pair of comfortable high heels is the most dignified appearance. Assume that clothing collar compare with or without collar style, wear the necklace to match with clothes.

Satin Mother Dress Canberra

(c) jewelry collocation

The collocation of jewelry and clothing style is consistent. If clothes without collar, will match the necklace, if it is short sleeve or 7 minutes of sleeve can deserve to wait for adornment bracelet. According to the personal habits, can also use a ring as a decoration, but don't choose too exaggerated ornament.

Train Chiffon Blue Mother Dress

(d) compatible culture

Mother's makeup is concise and easy, you just a bit weak light make-up. Also, pay attention to the content of his speech and manner, don't tell it is not appropriate.

Sheath Knee-length Half-sleeveMother Dress

Second, the mother's wedding dress collocation principles

(a) to choose to suit the color of clothing

Middle-aged general color has red, so the dress now, should avoid red series, such as red, pink, orange... Instead, select some blue and purple dress more accord with the temperament of the middle-aged. Cool color department, often give people a feeling of elegant, as a new mother, so that the aura is also necessary!

A-line Floor-length Purple Tone Chiffon Mother Dress

Amazing Strapless A-line Floor-length Purple Tone Chiffon Mother Dress

(b) to avoid a whole body of ivory

The wedding dress, is the most easy to mistake the color of ivory, so it is easy to misunderstand, think you are the bride. If you really want to wear the nude color dress, so it would be better to replace with nudes, and had better collocation patterns coat or skirt outfit.

A-line 3/4 Sleeves Jacket Chiffon Mother Dress For Australia

(c) to have a balanced colors

The day of the festival, nature is little not the gorgeous color. If you are really like bright colored clothing, also need to be prepared for themselves a plain coloured top coat, such ability won't be tacky. Balanced collocation, color is important!

Blue Chiffon Mother Dress 2016

Affordable V-neck 3 4 Sleeves Column Floor-length Blue Chiffon Mother Dress

(d) choose doesn't drape of fabric

Wedding day to sedentary, for example, in the car to the hotel, arriving at hotel need to prepare the ceremony, the couple both parents have to sit down. Therefore, the material of clothes is very important. If you choose the fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen, must have a link over, had fold clothes very much. So, the dress fabric is need serious exquisite!

Column Ankle-length Black Chiffon Mother Dress

(e) show the advantage of their bodies

Many mothers are used to wear long skirt, it must be different from person to person. Middle-aged man wearing a knee-length dress skirt, show your leg and ankle, it will make your charm. At the same time will make you look more elegant, and will look a lot younger.

Satin Floor-length Half-sleeve Brown Tone Mother Dress

Satin Floor-length Brown Tone Mother of the Bride Dresses Australia 2016

(f) on the unified style makeup look say byebye!

Although unified color looked elegant and pure and fresh, but mother not brides maid of honor, we suggest don't wear a uniform style of dress and even makeup look. Especially its color kapoor, though it is middle-aged, but absolutely not suitable for to attend the wedding.

Ankle-length Satin Mother Dress

(g) pants look more chic

Pretty dresses, try the pants is also very good. Trousers can make mothers look more compact, get rid of all is a piece of elegant dress, let a person shine at the moment!

Floor-length Teal Mother Dress

 2016 Strapless Teal Mother's Special Occasion Dresses Online

(h) wear a suitable hat

A lot of people can't easily try hat, because it is too high to the requirement of the face! But, as mothers attended the banquet, choose a beautiful hat, absolutely is a good way to improve temperament!

2016 Strapless Taffeta Mother Dress Australia

(i) A beautiful beautiful headdress

Makeup should be to attend the wedding banquet is complete, if you don't match the tire of a perfect, so I think I will always recommend you should bring a hat!

2016  Purple Tone Mother Dress

(k) all accessories to bring in the right place

Different position will reveal a different feel, so wear accessories, must choose in places they temperament wear. As choice of hat is a truth, in line with their own.

Appealing Strapless Floor-length Chiffon Mother Dress

Appealing Strapless A-line Floor-length Chiffon Mother Dress

Third, according to a mother figure choose dresses

(a) slim type

The design can choose the evening dress of concise and easy, don't too exposed, fit waist clipping can draw the outline of size. Fold processing of the chest, shoulders can make it look plump, narrow skirt can foil the line of the leg.

Artistic Sweetheart  Taffeta Mother Dress

(b) the body is fruity type

Can choose a few on narrow under wide skirts, tall waist style shape can be modified. Wear some accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, etc., can be effectively dispersed people attention to the body.

Black Chiffon Trumpet Floor-length Mother Dress Sydney

Chiffon Square Mermaid Trumpet Floor-length Long Black Mother Dress Sydney

(c) tall and strong

Might as well choose the knee-length dress, 7 minutes of sleeve, 5 minutes of sleeve can cover the arm proud flesh, aureate or nude half tall with a pair of shoes can show long legs.


Charming Black Chiffon Mother Dress

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