1, blindly follow professional recommendations

Every pick the bride for the wedding dress is very seriously, but due to itself on how to choose wedding dress is very confused, so by looking for some website or magazine to find their favorite. But this way tend to be incorrect, the bride of different height, different size and temperament are, when choosing a wedding dress in addition to these into consideration, also considering the theme of the wedding and reception, etc., in the form of integrated these elements, only can pick out the most suitable wedding dress.

 Floor-length Orange Tone Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Gown

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Gown

2, satin dress more upscale than yarn quality wedding dress

Common wedding dress material on the market at present basically has two of satin and gauze, many brides think satin dress more upscale than yarn quality wedding dress, can wear out more show nobility. Whether what kind of marriage gauze, is actually want to be decided according to the bride’s own temperament, some bride looks more atmosphere, so choose satin dress is ok. But some brides look more sweet and lovely, that is more suitable for yarn quality wedding dress, or if the satin gown will look too heavy.

Knee-length Purple Bridesmaid DressCaptivating Square Column Knee-length Purple Tone Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress


3, upper arm of the coarser the bride should choose a word shoulder style wedding dress

Not all of the bride’s body is perfect, some relatively coarse bride’s upper arm may feel, in order to be able to cover this part of the meat, so that a word shoulder style of dress is the best choice. But in fact, a word shoulder style while covering parts with meat, but it also will increase because of a layer of even more thick layers of cloth and appear arm. And shoulder a word from the vision will let a person feel very wide shoulders, so a word shoulder wedding dress should be more suitable for smaller waist bride.

Faddish Sweetheart Column Knee-length Cheap Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

4, can only wear thin thin body fishtail wedding dress

Fishtail wedding dress is very popular in dress style, and most can show the bride wedding dress styles of the beautiful curve, so a lot of people think that only a thin thin the bride to wear the tail wedding dress. But actually fishtail wedding dress to be able to have very good figure type role, as long as your lower abdomen is not “life buoy”, can wear fishtail wedding dress. This style of dress is very noble and charm, but also can let a person look after wearing a “thin”, so many brides can give it a try.

A-line Knee-length Chiffon Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Dreamlike Strapless A-line Knee-length Chiffon Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

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