First, pink red

Pink, mei red belong to warm color, is a kind of very have feminine taste color, bridesmaid wore a pink dress, will bring your wedding more romantic breath. Choosing pink bridesmaid dresses, should pay attention to don't get too fancy, style and details as far as possible simple, avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role and avoid trading down.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Second,  green

Green is a symbol of freshness and vitality, can give people bring good luck and hope, the feeling of life, is a very pure and fresh and natural color. Skin is more white bridesmaid dress green dress will be more fair, but if the bridesmaid skin slants yellow or black, it is better to avoid chose this color. Marriage customs are different around the other, it is better to understand marriage customs to note the color, lest cause misunderstanding.

Three, purple

Purple is the color of an expensive gas, at the same time, it is a very bright eye color, purple wedding bridesmaid dresses very suitable for autumn and winter season. In a purple as the bridesmaid dresses, style and details with the basics advisable, otherwise it will give a person the sense of heavy and complicated is heavy. Skin yellow maid of honor is not suitable for choose purple dress.

Four, black

Black in Chinese wedding is a basically do not use color, but for personality alternative wedding, black bridesmaid dresses are able to add the result that expect is less than to your wedding. Don't pick color of skin, black also not pick shape, and the wedding is very suitable for all year round.

Five, blue

Blue is the color of quietly elegant, combining with the white wedding dress, can let the bride looks more elegant and quiet, blue bridesmaid dresses very suitable for spring and summer wedding.

Elegant A-Line Sweetheart Ruffle Satin Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Six, gray

Gray is the color of the rare among Chinese wedding, but if the new people dare to try new things, and both parents to the participation of the wedding is low, might as well try to use gray system as a bridesmaids dress color. Grey dress is perfect for outdoor lawn wedding, only need to processing, slightly on dress fabrics and details will be swept away dull old gray, instead more highlight temperament.

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