Western traditions to use more white, but, if is take part in a traditional wedding, it is best to wear other white color adjustment.

Coral Handmade Flower Mermaid Strapless Chiffon Brush Train Formal Gown

Some designers are very like to wear sports shoes to attend in some more formal occasions, for some leisure flavour is dye-in-the-wood outdoor wedding, wear sports shoes is not very well. As far as possible is wearing some color more gorgeous high heels. New people can feel the grass green, at the same time can also enjoy the yacht the blue sky above. Roaming in the scenery outdoor wedding is a lot of new people a dream in my childhood, in a few minutes less nature of rigid, much a few minutes of warmth.

New if it is outdoor wedding, for the wedding is not much, in the form of at home. The maid of honor is on the dress can be somewhat exaggerated or be casual. Outdoor wedding activity space is big, bridesmaid dresses too formal words is not good for walking.

In too formal and leisure to find a balance, it requires the couple in some elegant details. If it is wearing a suit with elements of fashion lace jacket, can match in a small condole belt. Whether sequins or colorful patchwork, is right choice.

In the traditional Chinese marriage customs, use more red dress. Her charming smile had melted in the red sea, and the red also melt the present everyone's heart. No matter how much you fashion, also have to admit that red is the most beautiful color in today. The maid of honor need to avoid some collision with bridal gowns.

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