You haven't worked as a bridesmaid, had the opportunity to be your own best friend invitation as the maid of honor. Actually this task is very difficult oh, especially on the wedding day, your dress collocation can neither over the bride's elegant demeanour, can't give the bride "losing face". So what is the best bridesmaid dress collocation?

The bridesmaid dress collocation coup

The choice of clothing color

In general, at the wedding, the bride is the protagonist, and the maid of honor's mission is to foil the bride. Now popular wedding, the bride is given priority to with white wedding dress and the color of the Chinese dress. And the maid of honor when choosing wedding dress, want to know the following principles:

1, white with Bai Seshun color

2, white and red and black contrast

3, between white and red, pink is the gradual color of downy, belong to the lovely romantic girl favorite color, on behalf of the girl's soft warm breath Through the above principle, a bridesmaid can choose soft pink color to dress collocation, so the wearing of the qing can reflect the elegance of the bride and the maid of honor.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Diy collocation of the bible

Small make up recommend collocation method: small unlined upper garment + pink skirt + act the role ofing is tasted

On the wedding bridesmaid will help the bride to receive a red envelope, and the red envelope is put in a bag. Then, the maid of honor hand bag need our fastidious, too. Recommend bright color is gorgeous and the bigger of the two bags. Such as the rose red, gold, etc.

Highlight the characteristics of the maid of honor

If want to recognize her by others at a glance at the wedding is the maid of honor, can choose the color deviation is gorgeous warm clothing, of course, also can choose single clothes, deserve to go up again bright color act the role ofing is tasted. When choosing a dress, you'd better equipped with two sets of, what type can be complete.

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