Bride-to-be girlfriends too much, there are contending for the bridesmaid? How good or bad the following introduction to the maid of honor. Actually if the maid of honor, ostentation and extravagance will face to the host.

The maid of honor more good or bad, in fact this can't tell good or bad. Basically see its own economic strength, many girlfriends do bridesmaids also nothing bad.

The stand or fall of inventory girlfriends regiment bridesmaid more

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1. The bridesmaids need to do

1. Find the maid of honor is not just to accompany you, but to choose a will talk, will deal with the problem, the kind of person, that is, random strain, if wedding day some small troubles, the maid of honor will come out to the bride, arrange properly, don't sweep the guest's interest, don't let the bride who. Such as vomiting-inducing toasts, or official.

2. She should be ready to notice your clothing, hair, makeup, dress up because, after all, such opportunities are very few, most of the bride is not very habit. If there is no flower, she also help you to finish the part of the work.

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3. When toasting, where she also note table details haven't been to, and so on.

4. The whole process of wedding, meet the things she should have the ability to solve.

The stand or fall of the maid of honor more than 2. The maid of honor more benefits

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1. The ostentation and extravagance big

2. Many hands make light work

3. Can't win the quality to win the number

4. There are a lot of people can help you to block wine

The stand or fall of the maid of honor more than 3. The maid of honor many disadvantages

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1. The bridesmaid and best man, the more the greater the potential factors of chaos
2. To give a lot of red envelopes, unified bridesmaid dresses         

3. Can't find the best man

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