What kind fashion bridesmaid dresses are there? The beautiful bride is busy for his wedding gown at the same time also don't forget to choose dress for the maid of honor! Recommend the following some bridesmaid dresses.

It is well known that green dress is usually difficult to find a very personal choice. In addition, green for Asian yellow skin and very picky. So, please choose carefully.

green bridesmiad dresses Green Bridesmaid Dresses

A classic. As a Chinese wedding customs are generally only the bride or lineal elders are suitable for wear formal grand red. So, if you don't want to go with grab limelight in important days, so details are classic but mere dress is most appropriate.

red-bridesmaid-dress-1esRed Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue universal collocation. If it is difficult to move your eyes out the dress up? We all love romantic design and have feminine silk, there is no doubt that the girls will be very happy to wear it many times.

blue-bridesmaid-dresses-1Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Gray is sedate and easy, although the colour is slightly conservative, but concise and beautiful ruffle makes fashion sense a bonus. As a bridesmaid dresses and even run is quite safe on the dress will be the right choice.

grey-bridesmaid-dresses-1Sweetheart Sheath Knee-length Satin Long-sleeve Jacket Custom Made Bridesmaid

Most used may also be the most common type of bridesmaid dresses color. The design of the pure dress, low-key gentle, ensure the successful completion of the let your bridesmaid task.

white-bridesmaid-dresses-1White Bridesmaid Dresses

Like purple:  the aesthetic feeling of this kind of random, without carve.



Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

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