Formal dresses in addition to considering whether is suitable for the maid of honor, consider whether to match and the type of wedding, even more to ensure the formal dress not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, robbed of the couple. So, small formal attire should how to choose formal dress to make bridesmaid at the wedding was beautiful and decent? Small make up to explain for everybody formal dress of small formal attire tips to choose.

Formal Dresses
How to choose a formal dress According to the wedding style choice

According to the style of the wedding to choose formal dress small formal attire. For example, if the personality of the wedding, the wedding should be more relaxed and lively atmosphere, you can choose to take the small formal attire of printing, but should pay attention to flower color should be elegant clean, cannot choose too more, so don't upstage the newcomer. The design of dress design to choose concise and easy, if the maid of honor more than one, you can color, style or dressing, bridesmaid matching jewelry or decorative objects should also be concise.


Short Formal Dresses

How to choose a formal dress According to the wedding venue selection

If the wedding was held indoors, compare the grand wedding, formal dress the design of small formal attire should choose more formal, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt of degrees than the bride, the style is concise and easy, can choose color in pink, shallow champagne, elegant pale purple. If it is outdoor wedding, bridesmaid dress had better choose the length of the skirt length to the knee, so as not to appear too awkward. The overall effect can be elegant and generous, can also be lively and lovely, or noble and elegant, but consistent with the temperament of the bride: oh, not too big, so as not to upstage the newcomer.

Semi Formal Dresses

How to choose a bridesmaid dress Depending on the type of wedding

According to the type of wedding choose formal dress. If it is a Chinese style wedding, so the color of the formal dress can't choose red, avoid conflict and the New Year niang, don't choose the color of white, because the Chinese wedding is taboo white. Can choose white or ivory white dress, match again a few elements: red red belt or a small area of the red. Chinese wedding is lovable, quietly elegant bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress to style is consistent.

Short Lace Formal Dresses

How to choose a formal dress According to the bridesmaid figure collocation

Formal dress must consider the shape of the maid of honor, oh, should according to the figure of the maid of honor to choose collocation of dress design. For example: the petite bridesmaid can choose the style of small formal attire of tall waist line, so that we can very good got-up six months is too thin figure, tall waist design can also make the height of the maid of honor seems to have increased. Linear figure bridesmaid can choose ruffled dress can make figure increased administrative levels feeling. Fuller figure bridesmaid suggested to choose A word skirt of small formal attire, skirt shoulds not be too big, style is concise, shapely bridesmaid can choose the design of small formal attire is much, mainly choose generous concise design principles can be.


Chiffon Aqua Formal Dresses

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