Attached are a couple determine to be married in a ceremony of this important decision, so it must be good prospective new dress. So women engagement dress styles very important, pay attention to what color dress? Here you come with small series specifically foer you look at it.

First, what women. engagement dress style

(A) a small dress

Dress of little skirt as the basic style, with a lightweight, comfortable and comfortable features, Length dress due to different periods of fashion trends and local custowomen vary is suitable for many occasions to wear ceremonial clothing. Today, the mini dress is most brands of fashion collections are essential design products. And precisely because of a major shift in the history of dress several style evolved out of today's endless variety of styles. Dress fashionable, let the girls have a beautiful dress, ornament elegance. Dress for women not only bring noble qualities and elegant and feminine, but also a symbol of taste and status

.mini dresses

(Ii) evening dress

women. dress evening dress is the highest grade, most unique, fully display the personality style of dress. Also known as evening dress, dinner dress, prom dress. Often with a shawl, jacket, cape like clothes match, with beautiful decorative gloves together constitute the whole costume effect. Nowadays, many young people's engagement ceremony was held in the evening, then elegant evening dress is worth considering prospective brides.

evening dresses

(C) evening

Black, strapless, plunging to the ground style gown is timeless. If you on how to choose the engagement ceremony evening dress for a moment undecided, then pick a red gown it is correct. If you choose a strapless gown, then the best hair pulled high, even if the hair loose down the hair itself again brilliant, but also because the point of the eye covering the evening - the neck at the design and unoriginal. For a young woman concerned, perhaps expensive fur shawls and jewelry are not for you, simple style but will highlight your sun, outspoken personality.

(Iv) Robes

Cheongsam, Chinese women's traditional clothing, known as the quintessence of Chinese culture and female national costume. Although its definition and generation of time there are still a lot of controversy, but it is still a long Chinese clothing culture phenomenon and one of the most gorgeous form. Robes can be perfect female body lines perfectly, highlighting the noble, elegant temperament, if you choose such a very Chinese flavor, antique clothing, will certainly want to win friends and relatives of highly appreciated on their engagement ceremony.

cheongsam dresses


(V) princess dress


Princess has a dream in the minds of every girl, dreaming that he is the envy of the world and who was blessed pure princess. Princess dress is every girls dream dresses, princess dress childhood little girls best gift, but grew up we did not abandon the innocent that this is a good, it seewomen like a princess dress girl princess dream Like with us. Until their own adulthood, find the care of their Prince Charming.

princess dresses

(Vi) Tee Dress

Tee Dress Dress more than a sexy, as you adds a lot of fashion elements: cute, sexy, cool, sophisticated, but also exudes a deep sense of romance. Bra skirt can not only show perfect shoulder lines, but also so sexy taste elegant perfect show. If the bride's engagement ceremony in the summer, then, Bra skirt will be your best choice.

tee dresses

Second, pay attention to the color of engagement dress

(A) red wine

Red wine is a kind of very feminine colors, not only for the bride outstanding temperament, but also with sweet and cozy atmosphere engagement ceremony complement each other. Bride wore burgundy dress, will give you the engagement ceremony to bring more romantic atmosphere.


wine red dresses

(B) blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color, you can highlight a prospective bride more elegant and quiet, very suitable for dress blues engagement engagement ceremony held in the spring and summer season.


blue dresses

(C) Green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh, elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress choice. The pale green and light on the broader leeway to use, but also very suitable for large area applications.


green dresses

(Iv) purple

Purple bridesmaid dresses engagement with the elegance gentle, yet romantic, the wedding can be a good contrast to the scene, creating a more romantic atmosphere.


purple dresses


(E) pink


Bright and eye-catching pink, shades of brightness brought different effect will be very different. In the engagement ceremony, to note that the pink bridesmaid dresses area with its brightness and vividness should be inversely proportional.


pink dresses

(Vi) Orange

Orange is cheerful and lively brilliant colors are warm colors warmest color, it is reminiscent of the golden autumn, rich fruit, is a rich, joyful and happy colors. Select Orange in the engagement ceremony, it is the best, however, symbolizing the harvest and satisfied.


orange dresses


(Vii) yellow


Giving yellow light, full of hope and vitality of feeling. Ancient China is noble yellow color, it has a natural, sun, spring, meaning, and is generally considered a happy and hopeful colors.

yellow dresses

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