pregnant stars on the red carpet

Red carpet has always been the actress who contests the battlefield, try to seize the camera lens is a must. But compared perspective, deep V, high slits those by piece dress up stealing the show, it is not so spotlight as the same as the not as mother-to-be who walk on the red carpet.

At the 2016 Emmy red carpet, the actress who undoubtedly pull out all the stops, but they lost to the British Oprah Cat Deeley. To attend the activities on the day, she wore absolutely dazzling blingbling wrap dress. While pregnant is obvious, but send out maternal the pregnant let her without pain became full focus.

Black Lively's who wear maternity dress on the red carpet

And say to the most beautiful pregnant woman, you will certainly think of a person, that is, "Gossip Girl" Queen S actor Blake - Lively. Since the pregnancy, the mother is more sexy and beauty of new heights.

It is a really hot model for the pregnant mother, Blake Lively who has always been famous never wear wrong dress, she is not only never fall off the chain after pregnant, and it seems more will wear.

Last year, she was baring everywhere but she didn't beat less space belly, it is important that every time she is very beautiful, and she is seems to be more wear.

Recently hot pregnant mother is belongs to Kim Kardashian, and as a maker of topics she still pregnant with a second child walked vigorous pace access to a variety show, especially in the first pregnancy she would big two code, so how can the existence of the swagger don't rob mirror easily.

Sexy goddess Angelina Jolie pregnant on the red carpet, she has always been cold much a mother's love of tender.

"Titanic" Rose Kate Winslet, pregnant is even more plump.

"Black Swan" Natalie Portman pregnancy took the Oscar for best actress ......


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